Why Your Printer Paper Says a Thousand Words + Giveaway

By Shannon Gurnee
In Giveaways
March 9, 2017

This is a sponsored post with Boise Paper. All opinions are mine.

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Have you ever noticed what a difference it makes when you have “good” printer paper? The words are clearer. The paper is brighter. The overall quality is just better! I don’t know about you, but my first impressions of a document often happen within the first few seconds of looking at and grasping the printer paper between my fingers. I know that if it’s bright and durable, it’s damn good paper and my initial feelings about the doc are positive ones! Well, this recently became a reality when I discovered Boise POLARIS® Premium papers. The quality is so much better than our regular printer paper!

Why Paper is Important

Have you really ever thought about why your paper purchase is important? On the surface, it may seem like you don’t need much in the way of performance from a piece of paper. However, there is a difference in both the value and performance of the paper options on the shelf. Selecting the right paper can help ensure:

  • Colors pop off the page
  • Black ink doesn’t bleed through the other side
  • Paper doesn’t jam in the printer
  • Work documents feel professional
  • Printed pages look their best
  • You get the most out of every paper sheet


About Boise POLARIS® Premium papers

Exceptionally bright and highly versatile, Boise POLARIS Premium paper is paper you can trust when printing important documents that need to shine at all times. Whether it’s a client proposal, an important presentation, or your children’s homework, Boise POLARIS Premium papers ensure excellent document imaging and consistent results every time.

#Boise #Polaris #Office #Paper #giveaway #Ad

Boise POLARIS® Premium Multipurpose Paper

  • Perfect for printing general documents
  • Prints with radiant brightness for crisp images and text
  • 99.99% Jam-free performance guarantee that is certified by a third party – the reputable Buyers Laboratory, Inc.
  • Available in two different weights (20 lb. and 24 lb.) so that you can choose the heavier option when needed
  • Features ColorLok Technology™ to make the color pop off the page


#Boise #Polaris #Office #Paper #giveaway #Ad

Boise POLARIS® Premium Laser paper

  • Ideal for proposals and presentations with color charts and graphs
  • This bright white paper is engineered specifically for premium performance in laser copiers and printers
  • Optimized for two-sided printing with clear definition and minimal show-through
  • Great for external communications


#Boise #Polaris #Office #Paper #giveaway #Ad

Boise POLARIS® Inkjet paper

  • Best for documents with photos or flyers, certificates, and announcements
  • Essential when the printing calls for more vivid colors and bolder blacks
  • Dries faster with ColorLok Technology™


What to Look for in Quality Paper

Opacity – Opacity refers to how sheer a paper is – with a higher opacity meaning the paper is less transparent. If paper is too sheer, ink with show through when you print and offices will not be able to print double sided. A paper that is too sheer can also make a document feel less sophisticated or polished.

Brightness – Paper that is more even in tone and less creamy in color will look whiter to the eye and will provide more contrast for printed images and text, making them stand out. A bright paper makes colors and printed text pop off the page.

Save on Boise POLARIS® Paper at Office Depot

Through March 31st, 2017, you can save money on quality paper and purchase Boise POLARIS® Premium Papers for $6 per ream. You can purchase reams at this special price both in store at Office Depot, as well as online. For comparison, Hammermill Premium Multipurpose paper is $12.99 per ream and HP Multipurpose Ultra White paper is $9.99

Boise Paper + Box Tops for Education

Boise Paper does more than print you documents smoothly and consistently – it is also Paper with Purpose®. All Boise POLARIS Premium Papers include Box Tops for Education – so you can earn money for your local school while also getting a great printed document. You can learn more about Boise’s Paper with Purpose mission here. Boise POLARIS Premium papers are also made in America and is Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified – meaning it is made from wood fibers that came from a sustainably-managed forest.


1 lucky winner will receive a $25 Office Depot Gift Card to use to stock up on Boise POLARIS® Premium Papers!!!

What do you like about the Boise POLARIS® Premium Papers?

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70 Responses to “Why Your Printer Paper Says a Thousand Words + Giveaway”

  1. Cheryl says:

    I like the paper quality.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I like the Libman Precision Angle Broom best.

  3. shelly peterson says:

    I love the great quality of paper.

  4. Fiona N says:

    I love the brightness of the Boise Polaris Papers
    Thank You

  5. Julie Wood says:

    I like that I can earn money for my school when I buy this paper-includes Box Tops for Education!

  6. Julie Wood says:

    I love the Libman Wonder mop the best. I need to get a new one.

  7. Cheryl B says:

    I like that it is a high quality paper that is affordable.

  8. susan smoaks says:

    i love that this paper is an affordable high quality paper that will be nice to use.

  9. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I like that it includes Box Tops for Education on the package!

  10. […] post Why Your Printer Paper Says a Thousand Words + Giveaway appeared first on The […]

  11. mami2jcn says:

    I like that it’s jam free.

  12. D Schmidt says:

    I love Boise POLARIS Premium papers are also made in America and is Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified

  13. Lauren says:

    I like that this paper works well with my printer.

  14. Natalie says:

    I love that their paper is thicker and is more opaque than cheaper paper.

  15. Natalie says:

    I like the Libman Tornado Mop the most!!

  16. Elena says:

    I like that these paper products are affordable

  17. Elena says:

    I would love to get the Wonder mop

  18. sandra says:

    i like that they supposedly no longer jam

  19. sandra says:


  20. Steve Weber says:

    I love the Libman Wonder mop the best.

  21. Sapana V says:

    Paper Printer is a perfect idea for a giveaway. Thanks for the details.

  22. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I like the Printing quality and the good price of the Boise Printing Paper.

  23. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I liked the angle broom and dusting pan set. I could use a new one for my home.

  24. vickie couturier says:

    i love the look and quality of the paper

  25. Janet W. says:

    I like that their paper is good quality with a great brightness!

  26. Janet W. says:

    I really like the MICROFIBER WET & DRY MOP.

  27. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    I like the colorlok technology!

  28. Michele Cupp says:

    I can really appreciate the fact that it Dries faster with ColorLok Technology. That’s important to me in my home office.

  29. Michele Cupp says:

    I would really love to have that Libman tornado mop.

  30. Hargow Wong says:

    I like the brightness and quality.

  31. Dan Dykstra says:

    I like super white paper. I also like to print without my paper jamming.

  32. Will G says:

    I like the colorlok tech.

  33. Audra OHara says:

    I like that the inkjet paper dries faster. I also like that they include Box Tops.

  34. Mahdi Martin says:

    I like that the inkjet paper dries more quickly. The brand looks high quality in general.

  35. Rachel says:

    I really like that it comes from a sustainably-managed forest.

  36. Kelly D says:

    I like that their paper is optimized for two-sided printing.

  37. Brent Strassburg says:

    I like the price and look of this paper.

  38. Ellie Wright says:

    I love the quality and the Box Tops!

  39. Brandi Dawn says:

    I like that the quality is much better than regular printer paper.

  40. Nicole Martin says:

    I like that it’s quality paper at an affordable price.

  41. Soha Molina says:

    I like that it Dries faster with ColorLok Technology™

  42. rochelle haynes says:

    I have never tried this paper before

  43. Edye says:

    I love the high quality.

  44. heather says:

    I like the thickness and quality of this paper.

  45. Seyma Shabbir says:

    I love that it is high quality. This is the stuff you want to print your resume on!

  46. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    Like the quality of the paper.

  47. Tabathia B says:

    I like that the ink shows more vibrant on the paper

  48. Paol Trenny says:

    I love the opacity of the paper because ik doesn’t show through like lower quality paper.

  49. Jennifer Tilson says:

    I love that Boise Paper has BTFE on them and is made in America.

  50. elizabeth miller says:

    I like that it comes in 2 different weights. Sometimes there are things I need printed on heavier paper.

  51. Nannypanpan says:

    I love they are involved with box tops for education. A great program

  52. wendi says:

    i have yet to have a printer paper that brings brightness to the page this would be incredible

  53. Gina M says:

    I like that it has high opacity. Things always look better on higher quality paper.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  54. KENNETH OHL says:

    love to try high quality paper

  55. Erin M says:

    I like that it’s 99.99% Jam-free so I don’t have to worry about printer jams and having to restart a print job.

  56. Sarah L says:

    I like: All Boise POLARIS Premium Papers include Box Tops for Education
    Thanks for the contest.

  57. Sarah L says:

    subscribe email: slehan at myway dot com

  58. HS says:

    I like the quality of the Boise Polaris Paper Products, they are great for color charts projects.

  59. DailyWoman (Lacey) says:

    The ink dries fast and its made from wood fibers that came from a sustainably-managed forest

  60. Daniel M says:

    affordable high quality paper

  61. Terry says:

    I love the brightness of this paper and does not look dingy like many other paper products.

  62. shelly peterson says:

    Visited post, I like the WONDER MOP.

  63. vickie couturier says:

    I like the Libman Precision Angle Broom best

  64. Marci says:

    I like that it offers box tops!

  65. shelly peterson says:

    The wonder mop would be great to have.

  66. shelly peterson says:

    I like the FREEDOM SPRAY MOP.

  67. Julie Wood says:

    I would love to get the Wonder mop

  68. Shelley P says:

    I like that it dries faster because of ColorLok Technology.

  69. Shelley P says:


  70. Kristen says:

    I like the brightness.

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