Guarantees Matter When It Comes to Our Electronic Devices

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Imagine this situation.  You’ve just received a new present that requires batteries.  You head over to your stash of brand new batteries and pop in those bad boys to get your new device going.  You replace the cover and go to turn it on.  An immediate wave of disappointment sweeps over you as you discover […]

How to Overcome Allergy Face with ZYRTEC

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®. With Spring and Summer comes beautiful flowers and wispy trees.  However, with this natural beauty also comes allergies.  Allergies not only come with the seasons, but can come with some of our most beloved pets too.  If you’ve ever experienced allergies, you know […]

Introducing the Monster 500 Line of Toys!

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Our kids love to build and they had a fun time with the Monster 500™ toys!  I honestly had never heard of the Monster 500™ toys before conducting this review, but afterwards, even I had fun playing with the toys with our kids.  We received a few of their toy sets to check out here […]

How to Host a LEGO Birthday Party!

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I can’t believe Sammy is now 6 years old!  He’s growing up so fast!  Each year, we let our kids choose which birthday theme they want for their party.  Sammy chose to have a LEGO theme.  I searched at a few stores and had a hard time finding LEGO party supplies, but Party City had […]

Got Eczema? Check Out Our Review of CLn Skin Care Products

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Are you or someone in your family suffering from Eczema?  If so, you know how uncomfortable and even painful it can get!  Did you know that Eczema is a disease affecting 30 million Americans and 20% of children?  When skin care becomes a daily battle against itchy, red, dry or inflamed skin, it can feel […]

Dove’s Advanced Care Deodorant Keeps Me Feeling Dry and Confident All Day Long

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to use Dove Advanced Care on a regular basis.  Let me tell you – I LOVE it!!!  I love that Dove Advanced Care moisturizes my underarm skin to provide softer, smoother underarms in just three days.  That’s right – just 3 days!  I also love that […]

Celebrate with Flowers & Evite + a Fun Sweepstakes!!!

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This is part of a sponsored campaign with ProFlowers and Shari’s Berries. However, all opinions expressed are my own. I love chocolate and I love flowers and both were delivered to my front door the other day from ProFlowers! You see, ProFlowers is not only about delivering flowers – they even delivered amazing chocolate covered […]

Celebrate Our Troops and Reward Kids for Extraordinary Acts of Service with the Huggable Heroes Program at Build-A-Bear Workshop

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I have fond memories of Build-A-Bear when my children were little guys. They loved being able to build their own stuffed animal, choose the outfit and name it whatever name they wanted. It was a memorable experience (one for them and for me)!   Build-A-Bear Workshop is as awesome as ever, this time with a […]

Sponsored: Glad Black Bags Make Family Cleanup Fun

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With a big family, we tend to generate a lot of trash!  There is especially a lot of trash when we celebrate holidays or birthdays as a family.  At the holidays, we generate trash from food, gifts and packages that arrive for my blog.  Most recently, we celebrated my six-year-old son’s birthday and had a […]

Keeping Our Kids Happy and Healthy with Mott’s Juice Drinks

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Growing up, I remember drinking a lot of juice. That was something we always had in the house. I remember having both the frozen kind of juice, as well as the juice in bottles. Man, what I would have given to drink the kind of juice available to our kids today. When I became a […]

Get Satin Smooth Skin with Whish Body Shaving Collection

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As a woman, I love it when my legs are soft and smooth (and Frank loves it too)!  I’ve tried waxing (it hurt and was expensive), but mostly I shave.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that it never fails that the day after, my legs are already prickly.  Uh!  I want smooth […]

Feel Confident This Summer with Dove Advanced Care

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Summer is almost here and that means warmer weather, which also means wearing more tank tops, sundresses, and bathing suits.  I love wearing the cute summer outfits, but I do start getting conscious of my underarms.  I want soft, smooth underarms that aren’t stinky!  I mean really, what woman does want those, right? With softer, […]

I Took the Pledge – Disconnect to Reconnect + Giveaway

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Over the past few months, I had the opportunity to serve as a Power of Family Meals Blog Ambassador for an awesome campaign called “Disconnect to Reconnect” with the J.M. Smucker Company.  With a career in social media, I am constantly online working.  My work ranges from writing and responding to emails, posting photos on […]

Give Your Dog the Best with Tall Tails Beds + Giveaway

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When we go searching for the perfect bed, we don’t just settle, right?  No!  We look for a bed that looks good, feels comfortable and that we will feel nice and cozy in.  We do the same for our kids as well.  We want them to have the best!  So, why wouldn’t we do that […]

Walk in Comfort with Reebok Skyscape Shoes

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I walk a lot!  I’m not even talking about exercise kind of walking.  I’m talking about cooking breakfast, doing dishes and laundry, making meals for the family, running kids to school and running around town type of walking.  Lots of walking!  Not to mention walking as part of my travels.  When I walk, I want […]