12 Ways to Make Money Blogging

How to Make Money on Your Blog #Money #Blogging #BloggingTips #socialmedia

I started blogging in July of 2008 and I still can’t believe it’s been almost 6 years!  What started out as a hobby has now turned into my full-time career and I still love it as much as I did when I started.  I never thought I would actually be able to make money from […]

Give the Gift of a Great Future with the Boys & Girls Club of America this Holiday Season!

Boys and Girls Club of America Logo

I love this time of year – the season of giving and no stranger to this is Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA).  BGCA and club Alumna, Lucille O’Neal (basketball superstar Shaquilled O’Neal’s Mom) have teamed up to remind us what it truly means to give.  Over the years, the focus of the holidays […]

Back to School with the Boys & Girls Club of America

Boys Girls Club

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe my boys are already back to school!  How this year is flying by!  Are you familiar with the Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA)?  I personally had no clue how much the Boys & Girls Club of America contributes to the Back-to-School Season for children […]

Visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum #DisneyPixarEvent

Walt Disney Family Museum 4

In April, I had the awesome opportunity to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum.  I grew up with a mom who worked for Disneyland and had lots of experiences with Disneyland growing up, but didn’t know much about the family background.  The Walt Disney Family Museum was definitely a great experience.  There was so much […]

Kroger Cart Buster Savings Review & Giveaway

Kroger logo

Whenever I go to the grocery store, I always have coupons in hand and sale items on my list of things to buy.  With a family of 5 living on one income, I try to save money whenever possible, especially when it comes to buying groceries.  Through March 14th, Kroger and the Kroger Family of […]

Oscar Mayer Good Mood Mission

Oscar mayer good mood mission

Many of us are familiar with the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, right?  Just a few weeks ago, my husband actually saw the Wienermobile driving through Seattle.  Wow!  Plus, I have a few blogging friends who got to see it live in LA.  I love to hear when companies put together donation campaigns.  Recently, Oscar Mayer teamed […]

Super Bowl Tips From BJ’s


Super Bowl is this Sunday and if you’re planning on watching it, you’re probably also prepping for snacks and other yummy things to eat! BJ’s Wholesale Club has a few great tips to make your Super Bowl experience a success! · Feel like you’re on the 50-yard line – Upgrade to an HDTV or expand […]

IKEA: Organizing Throughout the Year

IKEA logo

I had never shopped at IKEA until we lived in Washington.  I remember people saying what great deals they got at IKEA and how their homes were furnished with IKEA products, but I was totally out of the loop and had no idea what they were talking about.  About a year ago, my husband introduced […]

McCormick & Schmicks and Reel to Reel Giveaway

McCormick and Schmicks

Who loves to eat out?  Who loves to go to the movies?  I know I do!  In my family growing up, we would go to the movies on both the day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas.  It was family tradition and something I looked forward to.  With the upcoming holidays, many of us will […]

Safeway for the Holidays


Safeway is one of the stores my family and I frequent when it comes to grocery shopping.  I love the Deli Department especially.  I even know the people behind the counter, which makes my shopping experience that much greater!  The deli meat and cheese is tasty and affordable and I purchase it at least twice […]