Back-to-School with Curious George and Kohl’s Cares Program

Kohl's Curious George 1

It’s that time again…the start of a new school year.  For our family, there’s excitement and anxiety brewing as my twins are now in the “number grades.” I’m excited that the kids will be in school for the full day! The kids, on the other hand, are dreading having to be in school “for so […]

American Express Back-to-School Gift Card Winner + $50 Gift Card Giveaway

You may remember I hosted a $250 American Express Gift Card Giveaway a little while back?  Well, our winner for the giveaway was Lisa Brown!!!  But don’t fret, because we have one more giveaway with American Express!!! What are the benefits of Amex Cards and their signature Membership Rewards program? – You can redeem MR […]

Back-to-School Tips with Citi


It’s Back-to-School for our families everywhere and parents are working harder these days to ready their students for school.  Teaching our children the value of money is becoming more and more important and Citi has some smart back-to-school spending tips for you! Whether parents are readying their student for the first days of junior high […]

Purchasing a Fall Wardrobe for the Boys from #CookiesKids


My boys really needed long-sleeved shirts for the new school year.  So, I was really excited to participated in the Fall Wardrobe opportunity with Collective Bias and  I was amazed at how easy it was to browse the site.  I love that you can search for clothing options by gender (i.e. boy or girl) […]

Back-to-School Shopping Has Never Been So Rewarding – Thanks to Jingit & General Mills #Jingit4Edu

Jingits General Mills Shoppertunity - September 3, 2012 (14)

With the Back-to-School Season here, many of us with kids are purchasing school supplies and clothes for our kids, as well as looking for ways in which we can help our local schools.  One way in which I help my boys’ school is by collecting and donating Box Tops.  My boys are always excited to […]

Back to School with American Express + $250 Gift Card Giveaway

American Express Membership Rewards

It’s that time of year where are children are going back to school!  With the back-to-school season is the need to purchase school supplies, new clothes, and other necessities for the start of the new school year.  American Express is here to help you get off to a good start! What are the benefits of […]

Tiny Prints Back-to-School 2012 Giveaway

Tiny Prints - Back to School

It’s that time of year again – time to go back to school!  You can go Back to School with Tiny Prints and go to the head of the class with stylish supplies.  At Tiny Prints, you’ll find personalized notebooks, mom contact cards, allergy alert cards, lunch box notes, custom stickers and labels, teacher stationery, and so much […]

Back to School with the Boys & Girls Club of America

Boys Girls Club

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe my boys are already back to school!  How this year is flying by!  Are you familiar with the Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA)?  I personally had no clue how much the Boys & Girls Club of America contributes to the Back-to-School Season for children […]

Back-to-School Shopping and Elmer’s #BagItForward Mission

elmers 22

Can you believe the new school year is just around the corner?  I remember how exciting it was getting ready for school when I was young!  Back-to-school shopping included new shoes, new clothes, and new school supplies.  Well, I can say that my boys are just as excited for the start of school as I […]

OxiClean Blog Tour

Oxi Clean image

As a mom of 3 boys, I have definitely seen my fair share of laundry stains!  I can also tell you that I KNOW that OxiClean can get some of the toughest stains out of my kids’ clothes.  I can remember the first time OxiClean was recommended to me and a friend told me that […]

Emergen-C for Kidz Review

Emergen-C kids

As a parent, dealing with picky eaters or busy schedules can make it a challenge to make sure my kids are getting the nutritional support they need, let alone in a way they actually enjoy.  New Emergen-C Kidz, now specially formulated just for kids, provides key vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants, which can play a […]

“Bailey” – Children’s Book Review + Giveaway

Bailey Children's Book

My boys love to read and thanks to Scholastic Books, we recently had the opportunity to add BAILEY to our family book collection.  It is such a cute picture book and we loved reading out loud as a family.  My boys even read to each other!  BAILEY was written by New York Times bestselling author Harry […]

NESTLÉ Family Happy New School Year Final Giveaway

Happy New School Year!!!  This week, I talked about our New School Year Resolution and I am so excited to see how it improves our family’s lives!  In the spirit of the New School Year, the NESTLÉ Family really got me thinking about how I can make changes for our family for the positive this New School Year. A big […]

NESTLÉ Family Happy New School Year Resolution + Giveaway

Happy New School Year!!!  This week, I talked about our New School Year Resolution and I am so excited to see how it improves our family’s lives!  In the spirit of the New School Year, the NESTLÉ Family has come up with good resolution.  The resolution is to “Plan ahead for quick and easy snacks on the […]

Our NESTLÉ Family Happy New School Year Resolution

Nestle Happy New School Year Resolutions

When it’s New Year’s, what do many of us do?  We make a New Year Resolution, right?  Well, it’s the beginning of the school year and it’s time to make your New School Year Resolution.  We thought long and hard about what we wanted to have for our family’s New School Year Resolution.  When we […]