Enjoy Family Get-Togethers with Yummy Ice Cream Treats


When I was a little girl, I remember going to my dad’s house every other weekend.  When we went there, we had a special club and it was called “The Palms Club.”  It primarily consisted of myself, my two sisters and two of our neighbor friends.  We would ride bikes together, swim together, roller skate […]

Be Your Own Farmer’s Market – How to Upcycle Plastic Mayonnaise Jars

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In our home, we like to recycle and upcycle where possible. We recycle our bottles, glass, cans and boxes. We upcycle our large containers and use them to hold holiday candy, loose nuts and screws and other goodies. Thanks to Unilever, we took our upcycling one step further. We decided to “Be Our Own Farmer’s […]

Celebrate Dad on Father’s Day at Outback Steakhouse

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Father’s Day is almost here and what better way to celebrate Dad than with a delicious steak dinner at Outback Steakhouse?  This Father’s Day, Dad can eat like a king with a 3-course meal fit for a king starting at just $19.99, including the following items: – Course 1 – A cup of Outback’s fresh […]

Lactose-Free Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

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Food allergies are never any fun, but can you imagine being lactose intolerant or having dairy sensitivities? That means no ice cream, no milk shakes, and no milk with your cookies.  I went through a dairy sensitivity myself caused by a prescription I was taking.  I couldn’t drink milkshakes, eat ice cream or dip my […]

Denny’s Makes Mealtime Fun for the Entire Family

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Have you visited Denny’s with your family lately?  If not, you’ll want to head on over and check out their new kid’s menu inspired by when we recently headed in with our “Party of 10,” we had a great experience.  That’s right, we had a “Party of 10,” including 6 kids, my future in-laws, and […]

Keeping Our Kids Happy and Healthy with Mott’s Juice Drinks

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Growing up, I remember drinking a lot of juice. That was something we always had in the house. I remember having both the frozen kind of juice, as well as the juice in bottles. Man, what I would have given to drink the kind of juice available to our kids today. When I became a […]

Are You Looking for Refrigerated Organic Yogurt? It’s Here!

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I wasn’t really familiar with Stonyfield Organic Yogurt before participating in this campaign.  So when I was invited to check out the new Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Pouches, I jumped on the opportunity.  I don’t know about you, but I try to ensure our kids eat healthy snacks.  Sometimes they’ll be hungry after breakfast or dinner […]

Mott’s Has New Fruit Juice Flavors and Our Kids Are Digging Them! + Giveaway

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Our kids love juice, so when we received samples of Mott’s newest flavors, the kids were eager to try them.  In fact, as soon as I opened the box, they were asking if they could have one!  Thanks to Mott’s and The Motherhood, we received samples of their newest flavors – Fruit Punch Rush and […]

April 26th is National Pretzel Day + Giveaway

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If you know me, then you know I LOVE to snack! One of my favorite snacks are pretzels! I love the crunchiness and the saltiness of this yummy snack.  Well, guess what?  April 26th is National Pretzel Day!  Woot woot!  One of my favorite pretzel brands is Rold Gold and I’m really excited about the […]

Outback Has a New Wood-Fire Grill Menu!!

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Do you like steak?  Have you visited Outback Steakhouse?  I love eating at Outback Steakhouse and can’t wait to check out their new Wood-Fire Grill Meal.  Outback’s Wood-Fire Grill is a 3-course deal grilled to sizzling perfection for just $11.99. First Course: Start with your choice of Soup or Signature Side Salad Second Course: Choose your wood-fire […]

PEEP-A-BOO Easter Cupcakes

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Can you believe that Easter is almost here?  When I was a little girl, PEEPS was one of my favorite Easter candies (other than chocolate of course).  As an adult, I still like snacking on PEEPS, as well as decorating with them.  With the inspiration of Wilton products and PEEPS candies, I created PEEP-A-BOO Easter […]

Duncan Hines Limited Edition Spring Velvets Cake Mix + Recipes

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I love cake mix!  Just ask Frank.  We have a LOT of cake mix in our kitchen – from Devil’s Food to Chocolate Fudge to Yellow to Rainbow Chip.  I was recently introduced to Duncan Hines® Limited Edition Spring Velvets™ Cake Mix – perfect for the upcoming Easter holiday!  Duncan Hines® Limited Edition Spring Velvets™ […]

Go Bold with Pillsbury + Giveaway!!!

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We love cake in our family, but the kids especially love cake when they get involved in the process of making it and decorating it.  Whether it’s actually whipping together the batter, frosting the cake or cupcakes or decorating, our kids love to help in the kitchen.  It not only teaches them responsibly and some […]

California Strawberries Farm & Culinary Event

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A little less than a month ago, I had the opportunity to attend the 365 Days of California Strawberries Farm & Culinary Event with a group of other bloggers.  I love that my family and I were able to drive to and participate in the event.  One of my favorite things about living on the […]

Go Bold with Kids in the Kitchen

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As our kids get have been getting older, they have expressed more of an interest in baking.  Our oldest son, Brian, recently expressed a desire to help me bake up some Pillsbury Funfetti Cupcakes.  I was all for it! I love spending this quality time with him in the kitchen.  Not only does it give […]