Johnsonville Fire House Chili Love on Valentine’s Day

Johnsonville Firehouse Chili Love 1

This Valentine’s Day was a little different than most. For starters, Frank and I got to spend it with the boys and some of our close friends.  What was different that the day started off with me preparing a batch of the Johnsonville® Fire House Chili.  Let me tell ya – it was HOT!!! FIRE HOUSE […]

Creating a Sushi Style Seductive Table for Two #SeductiveTables #cbias

Seductive Tables Sushi Style 1

I love decorating for baby showers, birthday parties, holidays and special events, so when I had the opportunity to create a Seductive Tablescape for Two, I was all over it!  I have looked through Moll Anderson’s new book, Seductive Tables for Two: Tablescapes, Picnics, and Recipes That Inspire Romance so many times!  There were so many different […]

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Croods

Croods Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s everyone from The Mommy-Files and The Croods! A few days ago, I had the opportunity to see The Croods on the big screen before it comes out to theaters on March 22nd in 3D.  It was one of the best animated 3D movies I’ve seen in a long time and I know my kids […]

Our Life in Pictures – February 14 – 2012

Ridge Valentine's Day 14

Brian was so excited to look through the bag of Valentines in his class at school.  It was so awesome hearing the excitement in the kids’ voices and listening to them thank one another!  That’s what I remember about Valentine’s Day when I was a kid.

Our Life in Pictures – February 13 – 2012


I made yummy cupcakes for Valentine’s Day.  Some had icing that was already pink colored (Pillsbury) and others had icing I colored and sprayed with the Wilton Color Spray.  Pretty cool, huh?  The kids in Brian’s class loved them!

Our Life in Pictures – February 12 – 2012


Flashback to the past when I was in Girl Scouts in Elementary School.  Me, my friend (Jan), and my Troop Leader (Rita) making Valentine’s Day Cards.  Being a Girl Scout definitely made a huge impact on my life and I’m so grateful for it!

Our Life in Pictures – February 11 – 2012


Made a Valentine’s Day cake with my sister.  Gotta love the Wilton Heart-Shaped Pans for the month of love!

Our Life in Pictures – February 8 – 2012


This was my first time making Whoopie Pies – Wilton Valentine’s Day Style!

Our Life in Pictures – February 7 – 2012


Valentine’s Day Cupcakes decorated by the boys and their cousins.  They had a blast and the cupcakes turned out great!

Our Life in Pictures – February 6 – 2012


The boys got together with their cousins and their auntie and we made candy necklaces and decorated Valentine’s Day cupcakes.  Each boy had a blast decorating his or her own cupcake.  Here is Brian decorating the cupcake and Sammy patiently waiting.

Countdown to Valentine’s Day – “The Ugly Truth”

Ugly Truth DVD

If you haven’t seen The Ugly Truth yet, you are seriously missing out!  This movie is hilarious and will have you laughing out loud.  The Ugly Truth stars Gerard Butler (yeah baby) and Katherine Heigl.  This was definitely on the must-see list of my Facebook friends!  Check out the trailer below. – Actors:  Gerard Butler, Katherine Heigl […]

Countdown to Valentine’s Day – “Dirty Dancing”

Dirty Dancing DVD

I fell in love with Patrick Swayze the moment I watched Dirty Dancing.  It is a classic and if you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest running to the nearest DVD rental store or kiosk and picking up yourself a copy to check out!  Dirty Dancing is full of dancing, romance, and fun and is […]