My Mom Confession and a New Show For Us Moms!

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I was a stay-at-home mom once upon a time.  I would take my kids to the park, shoot the sh*t with the other moms, and pretend that my life was amazing and pretty close to perfect.  Oh yes – I pretended to be a member of the perfect mom club.  Well, now that I’m a […]

So Good, So Sweet Story on The Mommy-Files #sogoodsosweet

Life is full of sweet moments and as a mother, I found that many of the moments happen within my own family.  We recently went on a camping trip with my kids and my boyfriend and his kids and parents.  I hadn’t been camping in a long time and was looking forward to new experiences. […]

How A Schedule Affects Motherhood

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As a mom of 3 boys, the day can really fly by quickly if there isn’t a schedule in place.  Before I moved to California, I had somewhat of a schedule.  I tried to be consistent with serving meals at the same time every day, giving snacks at the same time every day, and picking […]

Mommy Moments – How to Grocery Shop with 3 Boys

Here are a few tips from a “learning” mom of 3 boys on grocery shopping.  Do you have any additional tips? I did not receive any product or compensation for writing this post. It’s just from one mother to everyone watching – lol! All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

Potty Training Day 1

We are working hard on potty training Dallen, who just turned 4.  I told him today that we were going to teach him how to potty train and he was going to be wearing big boy underwear.  I also told him that if he went in the potty, he would get M&Ms as a treat […]

Help! My Son Ate Hydrocortisone Cream!

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  In our house, we have Desitin and Hydrocortisone Cream, both of which are kept in the “diaper basket.”  My almost 2 year old is also learning to brush his teeth – with the fruity Oral-B toothpaste – ya know with bears and Thomas the Train? I think he sucks more of it than he […]

Eat the Food? No! Eject it Instead!

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I have 3 boys and it’s interesting to see each of them go through similar stages and reactions.  Righ now, we are dealing with the “Eject Food” stage with our almost 2 year old.  If he doesn’t like something, there is no politely spitting it into a napkin or putting it in the trash or even […]

Am I a Snack Bar or What?

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With both my 5 year old and 3 year old, I nursed them until they were 2 (tapering off to naps and nighttime nursings) and I was pregnant with the next child.  My youngest is almost 18 months old (and I am NOT pregnant), but am still nursing him.  I loved nursing him when he was […]

Being Sick is No Fun!!

I remember being sick when I was a kid.  My mom or stepmom would bring me hot chicken noodle soup, give me medicine, make me Jell-O, tuck me in bed, take my temperature, feel my forehead, and let me rest with peace and quiet.  Well….that was when I was a kid! On Wednesday, my allergies […]

I’d Like A…..TACO PLEASE!!

KFC drive-thru

This evening, I took my 3 boys to the KFC Drive-Thru to order a family chicken meal.  I pulled up to the drive-thru ordering box and began to say “Hi, I’d like a…” and before I knew it the words “TACO PLEASE!” were coming out of my 5 year old’s mouth.  He had rolled down […]

First Day of Kindergarten

My oldest had his first day of Kindergarten yesterday. I think I was more nervous about him going to Kindergarten then he was! He had a blast! He was telling us all about it on the way home from dinner last night (and then…and then…and then..). It was really cute! Here are some pics of […]

How Parents Can Prepare for Kindergarten

Today was my oldest’s first day of Kindergarten. I remember reading other blog posts about parents who had a hard time taking their children to school and how they felt happy and sad. My initial thoughts were, “he’s just going to Kindergarten. He is totally ready!” Well, this part of the picture is true. What […]

Life as a Real Mom!

OK, so I’m going to take a minute to vent. I’m getting so tired of reading the chocolate covered, sugar coated memoirs of so many moms out there (sometimes myself included). My head hurts so bad right now and with every LOUD and obnoxious cry that comes from my tired 3 year old, it gets […]

Watch What You Say!

I usually don’t swear around my kids. However, today I dropped something on the floor and the words “Son of a bi*!@” slipped out of my mouth. Then, out of the mouth of my 3 year old, as he was heading out to play in the backyard, I heard the same exact words. Oh crud!!!! […]

Anatomy According to a 5 Year Old

My 5 year old has recently discovered that boys and girls and mommies and daddies have different body parts. Growing up, my parents had nicknames for these parts (a girl had a Poochie – still can’t get past this one, especially when they came out with a dog named that – and a boy had […]