The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge Makes Summer Reading Fun for Kids!

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It’s officially the summertime and the kids are out of school. All 3 boys got excellent report cards and on each of them, the teachers talked about their reading skills. The teachers also suggested that the boys continue to read during the summer to maintain their current reading levels. When I learned about the Scholastic […]

I’m Excited to be a Part of the Netflix Stream Team!!

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My family and I love to watch Netflix at home!  In fact, we don’t have cable – only streaming capabilities, Blu-ray and DVD.  When I was invited to become a part of the Netflix Stream Team, I jumped at the opportunity!  I share with my family and friends constantly about the shows we find and […]

Seeking a Master’s Degree in Public Health?

Happy students using a tablet computer

When applying to a masters program to get a masters in public health, you need to follow the application process perfectly. If you miss a step or skip over something, your application is probably going to be thrown out. You have to realize that these programs get thousands of applicants every year, and they can […]

Back-to-School with Curious George and Kohl’s Cares Program

Kohl's Curious George 1

It’s that time again…the start of a new school year.  For our family, there’s excitement and anxiety brewing as my twins are now in the “number grades.” I’m excited that the kids will be in school for the full day! The kids, on the other hand, are dreading having to be in school “for so […]

Celebrate National Breakfast Week All Month Long with Kellogg’s

Father With Children As They Eat Breakfast And Mother In The Bac

How many times do you remember as a child hearing your parents say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?”  Can you believe that today, nearly one in five children across our communities go without breakfast every day?    I know that when I was going to school (whether it was elementary school, […]

NESTLÉ Family Happy New School Year Resolution + Giveaway

Happy New School Year!!!  This week, I talked about our New School Year Resolution and I am so excited to see how it improves our family’s lives!  In the spirit of the New School Year, the NESTLÉ Family has come up with good resolution.  The resolution is to “Plan ahead for quick and easy snacks on the […]

Moms Against Cooties

Moms Against Cooties

Yesterday, I received an email entitled, “Moms Against Cooties.” I found it intriguing and decided I wanted to share the information with you on The Mommy-Files.  So, what is Moms Against Cooties?  It is a national initiative to help spread awareness about how to best avoid bringing home sicknesses from daycares, focused on motivating moms […]

Taking Exams in College


My Business Law and Family Law classes are probably the most challenging classes I have this semester.  Not to say that Legal Aspects of Real Estate or Intro to Law are not challenging, it’s just that the instructors of the first two have higher expectations and it’s much harder to get A’s in their classes. […]