Bob Books Review & Giveaway

I love Scholastic books and have discovered a wonderful set of books for children called Bob Books. I received a set of My First Bob Books from Scholastic and found them to be educational and adorable! There are two different sets making up the My First Bob Books Set, including Pre-Reading Skills and the Alphabet.

In the Pre-Reading Skills Set, Sally the Circle and her friends introduce important skills that help prepare your child to begin reading.  Your child will follow the adventures of Sally, Seth, and Tanner as they do the following:

  • Identifying basic shapes in preparation for letter recognition
  • Sorting, classifying and symbol identification to build important problem-solving skills
  • Recognizing simple patterns to create awareness of letter groups and sight words
  • Sequencing to strengthen the ability to predict how stories flow

The Parent Guide offers additional activities, games and tips designed to support new concepts and build a foundation for reading.  The Pre-Reading Skills Set includes 12 books, 12 pages each.

In the Alphabet Set, familiar animal friends will introduce the 26 letters of the alphabet to your child.  Your child will enjoy these playful stories that will teach them the following:

  • Realizing that written language represents spoken language
  • Learning the names of the letters
  • Realizing that letters represent sounds
  • Learning which letters represent which sounds

Hidden pictures challenge kids to find objects with featured sounds and the Parent Guide offers additional teaching tips and activities to support kids’ growth and build confidence.  The set includes 12 books, 12 pages each.

The books are small, lightweight, and easy to read.  Your kids will enjoy Bob Books and learn while they read!

2 lucky readers on The Mommy-Files will each win a My First Bob Books Set (including Pre-Reading Skills and the Alphabet)!!!


- Visit Bob Books online and tell me in a comment another product that interests you.


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I received a My First Bob Books Set from Scholastic to review so I could write this post.  All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

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