QFC’s V.I.B.E. (Very Important Blogger Event) with Seattle Mom Bloggers & Giveaway!!

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I love it when I have the opportunity to meet with other Seattle Mom Bloggers. This will be my 3rd Seattle Blogger Event and it was just as much fun as the other two!  Before attending the QFC V.I.B.E. (Very Important Blogger Event)  today (October 17th) in Seattle, I was a loyal Safeway shopper. I can honestly say that I was VERY impressed with the store and the quality of the food they sold. Their employees were extremely helpful and friendly and I am excited to begin shopping at their store (with a brand new one near my home)! 

QFC's VIBE Blogger Event (16)

From left to right (Stacey, Carrie, Alexis, Kim, me, Angie, and Mona)

I learned a lot of new things from the QFC Very Important Blogger Event. For example, I had no idea that they had to open up the packages of bananas to prevent them from becoming overripe. Apparently, bananas trap a lot of heat and if the boxes aren’t opened to let the heat escape, they’ll ripen more quickly. Wow! I had no idea! I also had no idea that QFC was a division of Kroger and is associated with Ralphs (California), Smith’s (Utah), Food 4 Less, fry’s, King Soopers, City Market, Fred Meyer, Dillons, Baker’s, and Scott’s!  I was also excited to learn that QFC carries one of my favorite brands of hot chocolate – Stephen’s Hot Cocoa.

When we arrived, I grabbed a hot chocolate from Starbucks and met up my fellow mom bloggers and QFC representatives Nancy Moon-Eilers (QFC VP Merchandising and Marketing), Tammy Bottcher (QFC Sr. Director Advertising and Loyalty), and Kristin Maas (QFC Director Public Affairs).  We talked for a few minutes and then took a tour of the store.  I loved the floral department and the way it was decorated for Halloween.  We then proceeded to the bakery, where I saw the most adorable Frankenstein cake, followed by the candy section (woo hoo!), meat department, and health department.   I was extremely impressed with the meat department and the selection of meats they had.  I had never seen so many pre-marinated meats (aka Chef’s Express Selections) in a store before – it was amazing!  If you’re looking for a yummy and quick way to get a healthy meal, you definitely want to check out the meat department at QFC!

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We then headed upstairs, where we had food awaiting us.  We were served the following items:  Pesto Pasta and Pea Salad, Caesar Salad, Chicken Dijon with Dijon Cream Sauce, Chicken Parmesan with Marinara Sauce, Chicken Florentine, Kalbi Flank Steak with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Valencia Green Beans, and Double Layer Chocolate Cake (with Raspberry Filling, Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting, Chocolate Truffle Topping, and Chocolate Roses). 

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Chicken Dijon with Dijon Cream Sauce

QFC's VIBE Blogger Event (13)

 Lew talking about meats and cutting flank steak!  He was awesome!  Thanks Lew :)

QFC's VIBE Blogger Event (14)

Lew (meat department) demonstrated how to cut flank steak and talked about the Kalbi Flank Steak being like “candy meat.”  Let me tell you – it was GOOD!!!  The Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Valencia Green Beans went well with the flank steak.  We also had the opportunity to ask some questions to Donna Giordano – QFC President!

QFC's VIBE Blogger Event (18)

After eating and dessert, we were each given a bag of goodies from QFC!  We were given a QFC reusable tote, Kroger Mayonnaise, Kroger Peanut Butter, Kroger Cereal, Kroger Paper Towels, Taste-bud-icious Seasoning Packets, Active Lifestyle Oatmeal, Brittania Crisps, Kroger Coupon Book, and a $25 gift card for us and one to give away!

QFC's VIBE Blogger Event (21)

Plus, they had a giveaway for 3 bloggers to take home a centerpiece with them.  I was just saying earlier that I never won anything until I was introduced to blogging.  I figured I wouldn’t be one of the winners, but I was actually the first winner.  I got to take home a beautiful Fall centerpiece!  Thanks QFC!!!

As I said earlier, 1 lucky reader will win a $25 gift card (good at QFC and all other Kroger stores – listed above)!!!


- Tell me in a comment what you would buy if you won the $25 gift card!


- Vote for The Mommy-Files on Top Mommy Blogs - 1 ENTRY

- Follow me on Twitter (themommyfiles) – 1 ENTRY

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- Contest will close at 11:59 p.m. PST on November 1st, 2009! Any entries after this time will be deleted!

- Contest open to U.S. residents only.

I attended the Very Important Bloggers Event and received a bag full of goodies including mayonnaise, peanut butter, paper towels, seasoning, oatmeal, crackers, a $25 gift card for myself and a $25 gift card to give away.  Thank you for this wonderful event QFC!  As always, this post is a reflection of my personal opinions of QFC and their products.


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  1. 301

    A $25.00 gift card from Kroger would provide us a Thanksgiving Meal – I would save it for that – so that it is one of the traditions that does not get changed this year…bad economy

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    I would buy chicken since we’re always out.

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    I would buy fresh fruit and veggies!

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    Milk, eggs, and cereal.

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    I would buy milk, yogurt, and peanut butter.

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    I would buy some salmon, halibut and fresh squash — the kinds of healthful foods I need to be eating with my plethora of medical problems.

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    I would get Kroger brand raisins–these taste much fresher than the national brands :)

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    I subscribe via Google Reader!

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    I’d buy rotisserie chicken and some reusable Kroger shopping bags

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    If I was only going to use it to get myself treats..I would spend it at the Olive/Mediterranean Bar they have at our local store… Mmmm..so yummy!


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    I would stock up on some things when they have one of their great sales.

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    If I won the gift card I would purchase yogurt and fresh fruit. It seems to be that my youngest daughter would rather eat these two things than anything else. I have one shelf in the fridge just for her that has to be full of yogurt.

  29. 329
    daniel b. says:

    some nice stakes

  30. 330

    I would buy my thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie

  31. 331
    Deborah Wellenstein says:

    I would get some cheese from the gourmet cheese center, (preferably a bleu), and some fresh shrimp from the fish dept. Thanks!

  32. 332
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    Annemarie says:

    I would purchase items for our taco night – ground beef, taco shells, seasonings, cheese, tomatoes and lettuce!!

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    I would buy staples – flour, sugar, etc. so that it’s always here when I need it.

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    I’d buy baby back ribs and premade salad for an easy and tasty dinner at home.

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    I think I would use it to stock up on basics for the holidays – pair it with sales and s-t-r-e-t-c-h it as far as possible!

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    Thanks for the giveaway…We are always running out of paper products !!!!

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    Hmmm…well there’s a lot I could buy at Kroger, but I’d probably buy chicken breasts, red potatoes, zuchhini, carrots, onions and rolls to make a nice meal! Thanks.

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    Deborah Anderson says:

    What would I buy? Let’s see… oh I know, I’d stock up on the holiday flavors that Coffeemate and International Delight put out at the holiday season. They are DELISH and get me hooked then they go away. Not fair!! :)

  54. 354
    Barbara Long says:

    If I won the gift card I would stock up on meat.

  55. 355
    Amy Heath says:

    I would give the $25 Gift Card to my son who is a college student. There is a Kroger Store in the city where he attends school. I would rather he use it if I win. Thank you.

  56. 356

    Pasta, cheese, meat and tomato sauce :)

  57. 357

    Thanksgiving is coming up and I usally buy a 24-25 pound turkey so it would go towards that. :)

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    Sarah Lehan says:

    I’ll get fresh veggies and fruits. Thanks for the contest.

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    I would pull out my coupons and use them towards sale items because my local Kroger store doubles coupons.

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    Sara Finkelstein says:

    Shannon, I am a Seattle mom of a 7-year old boy and 4-year old girl, and I’m working on a video cooking series for which I’d love to contact the folks at QFC. I am having trouble finding contact info for the marketing folks you met with, because their website and contact numbers kick over to Kroger HQ in Ohio, and they don’t have a switchboard or phone numbers on file. Can you help? Thanks, Sara

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